Fresh produce in Independence Oregon

About us

Quail Flats Farm is a small scale, organic vegetable and flower farm near Independence, Oregon. We sell fresh produce from April to November at nearby farmers markets.


Hi! My name is Brandon Wagner

My family and I have almost 5 acres of land in the fertile Willamette Valley. Our farm is located just outside of Independence and we love our local community!

We believe in the importance of fresh, local, great quality produce. We also think that the freshest produce has the most flavor and is the most nutritious as well. We put high value in caring for our soil, land and environment and we believe this is reflected in the quality of food produced from our land.

Our farm is certified organic by Oregon Tilth, which means we abide by the organic regulations and have inspections annually. We use only natural soil amendments such as compost and alfalfa meal to balance soil nutrition and we do not use any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. We work to create soil that is healthy and alive and full of diversity. We plant flowers and cover crops to provide forage for beneficial insects such as bees and ladybugs and rotate crops to avoid disease pressure. If you have any questions about our farming practices we would be happy to tell you more.